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50 Best Blogs for Architecture Students!!!!!!!!!!!|

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  1. ArchDaily: The most visited architecture website in the world, ArchDaily is an excellent place to find news, interviews and commentary.
  2. archiCentral: From news about the latest mega-buildings and updates on exciting urban renewals, archiCentral houses relevant, interesting posts about architecture.
  3. ArchNewsNow: If you need a simple, no-nonsense way to keep up with the most important daily architecture news, this site is one of the best bets out there.
  4. Architecture Planet: Drawing posts from a variety of architecture sites, this aggregation blog lets you read multiple resources in just one place.
  5. World Architecture Community: Find blog posts from professional architects as well as the latest relevant news through this great site.
  6. e-Architect: With fresh news items posted daily, this blog is a great place to keep up with everything happening in the architecture world.         
  7. Architecture Lab: This online magazine lets readers see amazing architecture projects, competitions and events through articles, stunning photos and videos.
  8. Dezeen: Filled with amazing stories and photos, this online magazine is a must-read for any architecture and/or interior design student.
  9. The Architectural Review: A standard read for any professional or student, The Architectural Review will ensure you know about all the latest news and views, from business ventures to amazing buildings.
  10. Architect Magazine: Architect Magazine is the publication of The American Institute of Architects, so it’s a great place to explore just about everything.
  11. Blueprint: One of the most popular publications on architecture and design, this magazine shares articles sure to inspire.
  12. Architectural Record: Taking a look at different topics every issue, readers of Architectural Record will find articles from a wide range of experts and professionals.
  13. The Architect’s Newspaper: Check out this publication’s blog and read engaging articles and news items on practically everything – like designing innovative retail stores and dealing with urban sprawl.
  14. A Daily Dose of Architecture: As the name would suggest, this architecture blog is updated daily. Sometimes readers will find articles, other times just an amazing photograph.
  15. The Architecture Blog: Looking to drool over some stunning buildings and interiors? Visit this blog for some seriously jaw-dropping images guaranteed to inspire.
  16. Moco Loco: Covering not only architecture, but art and design as well, this site offers commentary on some of the best and most cutting-edge work happening today.
  17. a456:Visit this site’s merging of old and new, and maybe get a little piqued to create amazing architecture and other built objects.
  18. Death By Architecture: Focusing on the latest architecture contests and winners, this site will make you want to push yourself to rise up and maybe someday parallel these great architects.
  19. Eye Candy: The name says it all. This blog features page after page of beautifully shot, modern buildings.
  20. Dwell: Focusing on modern design, Dwell magazine might prove an inspiration for young architects, showing students what’s possible.
  21. Contemporist: Sharing some seriously cool photos of architecture, furniture, interiors and other objects, this blog will push you to build your own modern masterpiece.
  22. Architecture Student Chronicles: This architecture student shares her discoveries and lessons though this site, and might provide considerable help for fellow majors.
  23. Archimess: Through Archimess, one architecture student shares inspirational finds, talks studio experience and muses on her degree plan.
  24. mla.march.penn: An MA and MLA student shares posts about life at the University of Pennsylvania.
  25. ArchiNinja: Founded in 2008 by architecture student Linda Bennett, this blog offers up discussions, critiques and shares ideas for novices and professionals alike.
  26. Room for History: Sarah E. Peterson is a historical preservation student at Penn. Through her blog, she offers commentary on the larger field of preservation – as well as thoughts on education.
  27. Stuck in Studio: A website created just for architecture students, Stuck in Studio offers not only news and
  28. Life of an Architect: Find insights into what it’s actually like to work as a professional architect, both the good and the bad, from this blog.
  29. Archinect: Designed as a forum connecting architects, this blog and online community are both great places to learn, network and share.
  30. AAO Blog: The Association of Architecture Organizations maintains this blog, which shares not only information about their network, but also amazing architects, organizations and ideas.
  31. Lee Bey: Lee Bey was architecture critic for the Chicago Sun-Times for years, and renowned firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill sits on his resume. Today, he works in politics and shares his thoughts on the state of architecture.
  32. Landscape Architecture Foundation: Find the latest news in landscape architecture through this amazing foundation’s site.
  33. ArchiOffice: If you work in architecture, you may have to use ArchiOffice software someday. Here, you can learn more about the program and read some commentary on the profession.
  34. Architectural Ruminations: St. Louis-based pro Harris Armstrong shares some thoughts on architecture, education and urbanism here.
  35. Architechnophilia: This architect shares photos and links relating to a wide range of architectural topics, from enviable modern houses to the latest competitions.
  36. Continuity in Architecture: Composed of academics and architects in Manchester and Preston, these bloggers share interesting commentary and updates on completed student projects.
  37. VPS Architecture: Through this blog, you can not only read about the projects this firm undertakes (most focus on sustainability), but also relevant business news.
  38. OMA: Find out what is going on at OMA, renowned design firm of Rem Koolhas, Ellen Van Loon, Reinier de Graaf and others, through their news blog.
  39. West 8: West 8 shares photos and articles about their latest urban design and landscape architecture projects here.
  40. Life at HOK: Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum is one of the largest architecture firms anywhere, and through this blog you can learn what it’s like to work from them. Post come courtesy of employees based around the world.
  41. Johnston Architects: This architecture firm shares photos and information about their own projects as well as those that they find inspiring and innovative.
  42. ZW Blog: Learn more about the structural engineering side from the Zweig White blog.
  43. Atelier A+D: Focusing on modern architecture and design, this firm’s founder shares cool photos and links to excellent projects around the world.
  44. Architecture + Morality: An architect and a pastor discuss the issues on this blog, dedicated to architecture, politics, urbanism and religion.
  45. Critique This: If you’re looking for a more academic take on the architecture world, visit this blog. Here, you can read critiques of buildings, architects and ideas.
  46. Arch +Tech: Through this blog, you’ll learn about designing BIM (building information modeling) systems, which allow many architects to design and display their buildings.
  47. Building Design + Construction: To work as an architect, you not only need to know a lot about designing buildings, but also how they’re built. This site offers a chance to learn a bit about both.
  48. Infrastructurist: America’s infrastructure is falling apart, and that means new roads, bridges, power plants and buildings need construction. Learn more about the problems and their solutions here.
  49. Inhabitat: It’s hard to design a building today without taking sustainability into account. Through this blog, you can see inspirational sites and read about architects who are all about working green.
  50. BLDG BLOG: One of the most popular architecture and design resources today, BLDG BLOG focuses on future architecture – something students like you might someday build.


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